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About Us


Welcome to a place to learn how the technical miracles of the West and the Wisdom of the East come together to heal the whole person.

For more than 62 years, California Institute of the Healing Arts and Sciences (CIHAS) has provided training for individuals who wish to study the healing arts either for their own well-being or as a career path.


Founded in 1943, CIHAS's in-depth, step-by-step teaching processes are designed to give students everything they need to be successful in the rapidly growing field of the healing arts. Today, CIHAS's programs offer students the opportunity to work in a wide variety of industries, or establish a private practice.


As the public's experience and acceptance of the healing arts grows, CIHAS graduates are finding tremendous success in their chosen field.

Wisdom Center® Technologies

At the heart of CIHAS's Holistic and Alternative Health programs is a propriety healing system referred to as Wisdom Center® Technologies (WCT). Developed in 1992 by James A. DiGirolamo, WCT techniques are considered breakthrough mind-body therapies by healing arts professionals around the world. These methods have been used to help people heal faster with no pain, no strain, and no struggle.


In addition, these techniques accelerate patients' therapy sessions. A typical 60-minute session is reduced to 30 minutes with the support of WCT techniques, which ultimately helps Clients heal in half the time and saves them money.

Our Mission

To provide the highest level of professional healing arts training in the World.


Our Objectives

* Introduce students to new and innovate ways in which the mind and body can heal itself.


* Train and prepare students to

establish private practices or secure jobs in the healing arts field.


* Maintain an

educational environment that respects and welcomes a diverse group of people, including those with diverse backgrounds, abilities, interest, and opinions.



Dear Fellow Healer,


It is no coincidence that you found your way to this Web site. Perhaps you heard about California Institute of the Healing Arts and Sciences (CIHAS) from a friend, or a graduate, or by searching the Web.


Since 1943, CIHAS has been a leader of education and research in the healing arts. We are a professional State Licensed institution that educates and trains the public about the latest techniques in holistic and alternative medicine, life coach, behavioral therapy and clinical hypnotherapy. Included in our work is researching the potential of the mind-body connection, and emphasizing in our teachings the potential of the human mind to positively impact the body.


Our students are all ages—high school graduates, people who want to know more about the healing arts, people who wish to change careers and serve the public and successful healthcare professionals who want to develop an additional skill, such as life coaching, that will give them a competitive advantage.


We sincerely welcome you to the Institute, and want you to know that we are dedicated fully to your understanding and success in the exciting field of the healing arts.


To your success,

Carol DiGirolamo

President/CEO California Institute of the Healing Arts and Sciences




Carol DiGirolamo is a highly respected healing arts instructor with over 35 years of diverse experience. She is also director of education and innstructor of California Institute of the Healing Arts and Sciences (CIHAS).


She is an accomplished clinical behavioral therapist who combines her impressive and unique background of holistic experience with more than 25 years of education and professional experience in business development and office management. Carol directs every aspect of CIHAS's accounting and business practices, including legal, education and ethical compliance.


Carol is also an accomplished clinical hypnotherapist. She enjoys empowering people with alternative techniques for self-help and guidance. Carol applies her clinical and behavioral knowledge of hypnotherapy to her instruction, which allows CIHAS students to gain a better and more comprehensive understanding of the various multi-dimensional aspects of alternative healing.






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