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About Us


                                                                   A History of Service to Humanity

California Institute of the Healing Arts & Sciences had its beginning in 1943 and has been in Sacramento for more than 50 years. During the school's long history, we have developed a method of education, which utilizes a holistic alternative approach to the study of health care alternatives. The Institute provides an environment, which supports education in every respect, through the teaching, the administration, and the physical and spiritual environment in which we learn.

The oldest continuous holistic center/institute in Northern California, California Institute of the Healing Arts & Sciences was established by my father-in-law, a psychologist, one of the first such schools in the State of California. With a formula of behavioral therapy, cognitive therapy and counseling of the conscious and subconscious minds, the psychology and concept of an integrated approach to health and healing started to form. Because of the personal therapy approach, every client received specific self-help alternatives, with the additional use and benefit of clinical hypnosis, hypnotherapy, and relaxation in mind-body, and emotions. A "new age" concept was taking place, although we didn't know what to call it back then. The therapy of healing the mind, body and emotions naturally had begun with a new revolution and understanding of mind-body healing. Since then, the school has developed a unique curriculum, which emphasizes holistic approaches to the art and science of Behavioral Therapy, Massage Therapy, Hypnotherapy and Holistic Healing, which is unsurpassed in Sacramento and all of Northern California.

We offer the highest quality education in alternative health careers available, along with marketing training and support. Using a style of education, which is exciting and innovative, we teach the skills, tools and techniques that bring out the best in you. By using holistic approaches to healing, we emphasize an integration of different modalities according to the client's necessity, so that the whole person; mind, body, emotions and spirit -- can benefit therapeutically.

Our staff is dedicated to providing premier-quality, holistic-oriented career training in an atmosphere of respect and compassion. They are skilled and well trained professionals in the field of hypnotherapy and natural therapeutics, and provide outstanding instruction through information, education, experiences and a cutting edge curriculum.

Our goal is to train people to become helping professionals who are prepared to establish their own practices or to obtain jobs in the expanding market for alternative health care. In these programs the student is given the opportunity to grow personally and professionally and to become a skilled therapist/practitioner.Whether you are pursuing a career in the Healing Arts & Sciences as a professional in the Holistic Field or on a more personal journey, to help yourself, friends and family, our school has designed a program specifically tailored to meet your goals.


As a Career

Becoming a Health Care Professional is one of the most rewarding opportunities an individual may experience. As an advancement or enhancement to an existing career or for those who are seeking personal growth/enrichment, these programs may be one of the most beneficial for improving knowledge and skills to an individual's personal development and life's experiences.

All facets of alternative health care are gaining greater acceptance as people seek options in wellness and preventive care. Because of this, the growth of the health care profession has been exceptional in this county and around the world. Our programs offer you the opportunity to work with individuals, in a variety of professional settings, to maximize and improve their quality of life. CIHAS programs have been formulated with the quality essential to provide students with successful, rewarding careers as Health Care Professionals in their chosen field. Our step-by-step teaching process is designed to give the student everything they need to be successful in this rapidly growing profession.

A Licensed Vocational School

CIHAS is a licensed vocational school, granted status by the State of California, Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education..

CIHAS courses are approved by the California State Board of Registered Nurses, Department of Consumer Affairs, as a provider of continuing education for registered nurses.  Approved for training of Veterans and eligible persons under Provisions of Title 38, United States Code.


Carol DiGirolamo, Director of Education and Instructor of California Institute of the Healing Arts & Sciences in Sacramento, brings with her nearly 30 years of diverse study and professional business experience to her positions.

As a California Institute of the Healing Arts & Sciences graduate and accomplished clinical Behavioral Therapist, Carol combines an impressive and unique background of holistic and administrative expertise which has contributed to the growing success of California Institute of the Healing Arts & Sciences.

Drawing on twenty-five years of education and professional experience in business development and office management, Carol directs every aspect of California Institute of the Healing Arts & Sciences accounting and business practices, including legal, educational and ethical compliance. An accomplished Certified Behavioral Therapist, she plays a powerful role in empowering others who seek help and guidance. As an educational instructor to the Institute's students, Carol applies her clinical and behavioral knowledge of hypnotherapy to her instruction so that California Institute of the Healing Arts & Sciences students gain a better and more comprehensive understanding of the various multi-dimensional aspects of alternative healing methods.

Tour of Our Facilities

Please feel free to call to arrange a tour of our facilities.

The Institute is located in a professional learning environment. The office and classroom space consists of a waiting area; four therapy rooms, two classrooms, two conference rooms, a student resource center, and a student break room. The institution, the facilities it occupies, and the equipment it utilizes fully comply with all federal, state, and local ordinances and regulations, including those requirements relating to fire safety, building safety, and health.

California Institute of the Healing Arts & Sciences

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