After Graduation Stories

Our Graduates Say it Best!

After CIHAS Graduation Stories

  • "I graduated from the California Institute of Healing Arts & Sciences in 1995, and have been working as a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Certified Behavioral Therapist ever since. 


    When I first signed up to take courses at the institute, I knew nothing about Hypnotherapy except that it sounded intriguing.  I sat in on a class for an evening, and was so impressed with the teaching style, knowledge being imparted, and positive environment that I signed up right away. The school director, Carol DiGirolamo made enrolling easy, with her helpful and considerate manner.   During the time period that I attended the institute, I never missed a class. The instructor, James DiGirolamo provided such well rounded training that I wanted to make sure that I didn’t miss a thing."

  • “The school is unique in that the technology it offers is one of a kind. California Institute of the Healing Arts and Sciences provides an atmosphere of learning that is not found in most institutions; the student is free to discuss his/her questions without fear of being talked down to.


    “Where most other forms of therapy require the client to relive trauma, Wisdom Center® Technologies allows the trauma to be removed without pain. The therapist is relaxed knowing he will not have to deal with those things face-to-face. In this environment, both the client and therapist can profit from a healing experience.”

    Warren C.

    Sacramento, CA

  • Namaste Jim & Carol,


    Sorry this took so long to get to you.   It is long overdue. . .


    The California Institute of Healing Arts and Wisdom Center is a multi-faceted course of study that transformed my approach to healing myself, as well as my clients and family members.

    The program contains just the right balance of theory and practical application to ensure a stress-free learning environment. The wisdom center approach impacts and heals those difficult, and often stubborn, deep seated issues.

    Whether your goal is to obtain a certification in the many areas of holistic therapy the school offers, or to simply heal yourself, you are in good hands!

     The course was fantastic, my client base has tripled and Jim & Carols’ knowledge and patience create the perfect learning environment. Plus, the continued support that the school offers is invaluable.

    Jeanette Dvorak

    Behavioral Therapist/Life Coach

    ‘08 Graduate


    PS. l will drop into class soon... l'm looking forward to revisiting. Thanks again!

  • Curriculum included methods of inducing hypnosis, the multitude of reasons to use hypnosis as a holistic therapy, specific instructions to use with clients, as well as a recommended reading list, and live, in-class demonstrations.  Classes also included hours of technique utilization, so that students could work with what we had just learned while it was still fresh in our minds, and receive instruction as needed.   Also and very importantly, curriculum included innovative marketing ideas, and instruction about how to relate to clients, as well as how to coach clients to be more successful in their endeavors. 


    As a successful graduate of the California Institute of Healing Arts and Sciences, I am in gratitude in both my professional and personal life for the training I received.  I use the techniques, knowledge, and skills gained at the institute on a daily basis.  I am also proud to report that I have been able to refer several of my clients to the institute over the years, which I believe to be the best measure of the success of my training.

    In Gratitude,

    Maude Schellhous, CCHT, CBT

    Sacramento Hypnotherapy

  • “I believe that real learning, growth, enlightenment, etc. takes place only in the presence and under the tutelage of learned, enlightened people. This latter description aptly characterizes . It has been my great and good fortune to report that this is perhaps only the second time in about 25 years that I have been able to experience learning in this kind of environment!”

    David P.

    Chico, CA

  • "I’ve used every technique I learned at the California Institute of the Healing Arts & Sciences, and have found more and more uses for them as my business grows.  I’ve documented their success rate and have compiled the results of their effectiveness in helping others overcome physical, mental, and emotional problems in wide variety.  In all honesty, I can say that the results have been 100%.  I’m excited about the impact these new techniques will have in the fields of traditional medicine and mental health."

    Anne C.

    Concord, CA

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