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Aromatherapy Training Course

Please note: Aromatherapist Program is not available at this time. We are unsure at this time when we will be accepting registration. If you would you like to be placed on the waiting list to be notified when it becomes available, please contact us. 

Did You Know?

  • There are around 150 essential oils which have been extracted each with its own unique scent and healing properties.

  • These particular scents make them antiviral, anti-inflammatory, pain relieving, antidepressant, expectorants, or antiseptic.

  • Others are stimulating, relaxing, aid digestion or have diuretic  properties.

  • Aromatherapy has been found in clinical research to aid recovery from ailments and surgery.

  • These scents have a direct “path” to the brain, and are the shortest distance to the brain, therefore are extremely effective for MIND and BODY.


was used nearly 6,000 years ago by the ancient Egyptians, (Cleopatra) the Greeks, and Romans. Hippocrates, the Greek Father of medicine, recommended regular aromatherapy baths and scented massage. In fact, he used aromatherapy fumigations to rid Athens of the plague.

In modern times, pleasant-smelling essential oils are used to heal, relieve tension and improve a person's general health, well-being and to balance  the mind, emotions and body.

These essential oils are aromatic essences extracted from plants, flowers, trees, fruit, bark, grasses and seeds that have distinctive therapeutic, psychological and physiological properties. 

Each oil has a combination of at least 100 chemical components. These work together to exert a healing effect on the whole person...holistically. 

Scents That Heal!

Aromatherapy is one of the latest Growing Alternative Therapies today.

It is used in Homes, Therapy Rooms, Clinics, Doctor's Offices and Beauty salons all over the country. This Aromatherapy Training Course combines Lecture, Demonstrations, Samples, and Techniques, along with hands-on training.

Covered in this course includes the following Elements of Aromatherapy

The Psychology of Fragrance

Aroma/Essential Oil Formulations

Current Use of Essential Oils around the World

Properties/Actions of Carrier and Essential Oils

Science Versus Folklore

Applications for common ailments

Business Practice and Ethics

Hands-on Lab


Aromatherapy Massage Oils, Salves and Ointments

Therapeutic Blending for Specific Physical and Emotional or Spiritual Applications 

Aromatherapy as an Aid to Other Treatment


Methods/Solvents Used in Extraction

Specific Body Systems

Properties/Actions of Carrier and Essential Oils

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