Master Herbal Practitioner Training Course

"Our Culture is Shifting"

Our Herbal Practitioner training program does what no others do. At CIHAS we present your training in the most practical way possible, aimed at simulating a conversation you will have with a client in the future. With heavy emphasis on Global herbs, case studies and formulation, our Practitioner students also enjoy field trips, guest speakers, and business development training.

Start Your Career as a

 Master Herbal Practitioner

Healing Mind, Body & Emotions Naturally 

After decades of depending on Western medicine to provide responses to disease, people are now actively seeking alternative methods for healing in record numbers.

With so many seeking guidance (over 1/3 in the US alone) on the use of Herbs for better health, and so few well-trained Master Herbal Practitioners, the growth in Botanical Medicine opportunities could be significant.

Although a highly rewarding career may be your primary goal, you may be surprised to find deep satisfaction in the contribution you will make to the health and quality of life for so many.

CIHAS offers a Master Herbal Practitioner Training Program like no other!

The training you receive may positively affect the way you think and feel about your own physical and mental state.


With tools to effectively address your own healing - naturally. 

You may enjoy an unexpected benefit reported by many students.

Many students tell us that our training tools and methods have greatly impacted their lives, and the lives of their families for the better. 

Learn how to Formulate Healing Solutions for 125 Chronic and Acute Physical and Emotional illnesses. 

Become a Master Herbal Practitioner!  California Institute of the Healing Arts and Sciences (CIHAS)’s Master Herbal Practitioner comprehensive training program gives students highly relevant, practical working knowledge in Global Herbal studies. Career training like no other.

This Master Herbal Practitioner program’s unique status as a State of California approved academic program provides peace of mind that your educational experience will be the highest quality available.

Training as a Master Herbal Practitioner, you will learn:

Fundamentals of Herbalism, with hands-on interaction with nearly 250 Global herbs

Understand widely used Pharmaceuticals, and the contraindications for use with herbs.

Study of Western, Ayurvedic, and Chinese Herbal energetics

Organic growth, sustainability, GMO concerns, ethics, and liability.

Use of Case Studies in formulating healing solutions for 125 chronic and acute physical and emotional illnesses.

Marketing, website creation, and business instruction in creating and launching a private practice.

Align Herbal Delivery methods with client and disease; create formulas in numerous formats including teas, capsules, tinctures, oils, infusions, and many more.

Class group study, Class projects, Field Trips

  •  Master Herbal Practitioner Requirements:

    This Master Herbal Practitioner program’s unique status as a State of California approved academic program provides peace of mind that your educational experience will be the highest quality available. A State of California Approved Diploma is awarded upon Successful Completion.


    *Students will incur out of pocket costs associated with the Master Herbal Practitioner course for required supplies. Estimated costs for supplies is $500. Upon enrollment, your instructor will email a full list of required supplies.

    Tuition: $3,695

    Duration: 10-months

    Hours: 200-hours

    Starts: Monthly


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