Start Your Holistic Career Training at CIHAS!

Get Started at California Institute of the Healing Arts & Sciences

If at any time you need assistance, please reach out. Call or text (916) 484-1700 and speak with and admissions specialist. We are here to help guide you along this amazing journey.

1.  Apply for Admission

Fill out the Application on-line and submit. Tell us about the course(s) you are interested in, when you want to start training, financing, and funding. 

2.  We Verify Your Application

You will get a verification e-mail that your application was received. 

3.  Schedule Your Interview

You will get a second e-mail with appointment times to schedule your interview with a CIHAS Representative. For our in person students, you will be scheduled for a personal campus tour of our facility to gain a better understanding of the institute and view our facilities and equipment. See Tour information HereFor our Distance (online) learning students, we will schedule an interview via Zoom, Skype or Telephone. 


4.  Prepare for Enrollment

We want to make sure you are completely open and receptive to this process. Prepare to discuss your personal education and occupational goals, plans and financial information with your school counselor prior to enrolling or signing enrollment agreements.  

5.  Questions & Answers 

We know you have questions as the process begins and we are here to help answer all of them for you so you are confident moving forward. 


6.  Enrollment

Once all of your questions are answered, we begin the enrollment process and paperwork. During your enrollment process , you will be given a Catalog and Program Syllabi.


7.  Start CLASS!

You amazing journey starts! The excitement has been building and the wait is over. Be prepared to meet “your people”! Like minded individuals who want to learn and make a difference in the world by doing their part as healers.