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Herbal Healing Workshops at CIHAS

These mini courses are for

Personal Growth and Self-Empowerment  

Please note: All Herbal Healing Workshops are not available at this time. We are unsure at this time when we will be accepting registration. If you would you like to be placed on the waiting list to be notified when it becomes available, please contact us. 

If you are passionate about alternative medicine...

you should certainly consider one of our herbal training programs we teach. The level of  Master Herbal practitioner of Botanical Medicine is one of the most extensive and complete programs available to students.


We specialize in both herbal studies and therapeutic herbalism, and all of them are aimed at diagnosing and treating different conditions of the body naturally.

We offer students an internship program, thus allowing them to personally create different herbal medicines through practical, hands-on experience for yourself, your family and others.

California Institute of the Healing Arts and Sciences Offers Certification in Herbal Medicine.

There's a Class or Program designed for you!
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