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    Under Provisions of Title 38 United States Code to provide training for veterans and other eligible persons.

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Military & Veterans Life Coach Training in Sacramento, California

Learn about Solutions that work.

Specialize in treating PTSD.

There is no question that  Military personnel returning from active duty have often been traumatized. Some sources fear that as many as One in Three suffer from PTSD.

Even more surprising are the limited treatment options. But in all of the research available, it is clear that the drugs and methods typically prescribed may not be working.

Imagine using your Behavioral Therapy skills to help someone reach a healing state, allowing their subconscious to release the blocks and obstacles creating their PTSD stress, without reliving the trauma.

Or as a  Master Herbal Practitioner, helping a Military Veterans by customizing an herbal Anti-Anxiety, Insomnia, or Anti-Depression formula,  specific to their needs—helping them to avoid medications.

One in three returning  troops are diagnosed with serious  Post-Traumatic Stress Symptoms. Less than 40% will seek help. Of those who do, most are given Anti-Anxiety drugs.

At California Institute of the Healing Arts and Sciences, we are committed to providing the very best training available in Life Coaching, Holistic, and Natural methods for Practitioners of Healing.

Alternative Healing has become mainstream’ according to the LA Times, and with good reason. Americans today struggle to retain their good  

health, fighting to overcome significant illness with limited available options beyond medication.


Students and clients often tell us that they found us while seeking a natural solution to healing. Something that didn’t involve drugs or pills, but it really had to work. That search led them to us.


We are a professional institution that is recognized by the State of California and Approved by the

Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education.

We consider it a privilege to educate and train Veterans and Military personnel in the latest techniques of health and Healing.

Life Coaching, Behavioral TherapyHolistic Health Practitioner, Aromatherapy or Master Herbal Practitioner. 

At CIHAS we recognize and honor the mind-body connection and emphasize in all of our courses,

the potential of the human mind to positively impact the body.

It’s our privilege to provide science-based natural healing solutions, and to train our students to use these methods for their own healing,

and in building careers in healing others.


  • Many students have told us that our training tools and methods have greatly impacted their lives, and the lives of their families for the better.

  • We’ve learned that Veteran and military personnel find deep satisfaction in careers counseling and healing others. After serving with such vital purpose, you may find great fulfillment in continuing to help others. 

  • As a graduate, you are trained and prepared to establish your own private practice as a Behavioral Therapist, Life Coach, Alternative or Holistic Health Practitioner, Master Herbal Practitioner or Aromatherapist.

  • We succeed when you succeed.

    We care deeply about your progress, completion, and success as a student and as a graduate. 

California Institute of the Healing Arts and Sciences (CIHAS) Promises...

You’ll be trained in innovative processes that link the mind and body,

allowing healing without other medical means, without reliving the event.

You will effectively learn through multiple teaching methods. Beyond lecture and reading, we use demonstration, practicals, hands-on, client clinical, group forums, herbal formulating, field trips, home study and more.


Your learning will be greatly enriched by your exposure to diverse classmates with varied opinions, talents, and life experiences.


The training you receive may positively affect the way you think and feel about your own physical and mental state. With tools to effectively address your own healing naturally, you may enjoy an unexpected benefit reported by many students. 

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