10 Core Healing Modules

The California Institute of the Healing Arts and Sciences (CIHAS) is successively training future healers of tomorrow! Our students have an innate attraction and passion towards helping individuals to overcome many different types of conditions naturally. A complete holistically approach identifying and utilizing the mind, body and emotion connection. Beginning your journey with CIHAS is the most beneficial step you can take to ensure longevity and success in your holistic career.

The times are constantly changing, and the innovation of technology is affecting society variously nowadays. It’s easy to get caught up in virtual reality and lose sense of our purpose and overall being. More and more individuals are actively seeking alternative healing options that rejuvenate the mind, body and emotions naturally. Gain the expertise and holistic skills necessary for your clients and ultimately transform their lives!

CIHAS provides the training, education and certification for students to have a successful, holistic journey. This experience helps them spread their positivity and wisdom to their clients.

We have 10 core modules: Body Module, Emotional Healing Module, Self-Healing Module, Mind/Body/Science Module, Intuitive Arts Module, The Mind Module, Healing with Energy Module, Behavioral Coaching Module, Holistic/Alternative Health Module and Empowerment Module. Any one of these modules will help you get inspired and kickstart your holistic journey! Classes start every 5 weeks, so anytime is a great time to enroll!

All programs offered by the California Institute of the Healing Arts and Sciences have the same start date in order to present students with an abundance of information, tools, techniques and practices for personal growth and transformation. Not everything will work for every person, that’s why we give our students as many tools as we can to help set you up for complete success. A lasting, positive career in holistic health starts here at CIHAS.

Healing Modules

The Healing Modules that the California Institute of the Healing Arts and Sciences offers students will increase self-confidence, personal power, self-esteem, memory, and prosperity in order to overcome past trauma and triumph over fears and addictions!

The concept of the Healing Modules and the Mind, Body and Emotion connection acknowledges that our thoughts, physical health, and emotional state affects our overall health and wellbeing. CIHAS’s Healing Modules can help with making healthy choices and encouraging self-confidence and self-worth in order to maintain a positive image and healthy future.

CIHAS’s Healing Modules help shape students’ overall journey through life and the lives of their clients! The holistic wisdom that our students gain throughout our accredited Healing Modules will transform their lives and allow them to better understand and sympathize with their clients in order to transform their lives too!

Whether you’re planning on pursuing a holistic career as a practitioner in clinical hypnotherapy, behavioral therapy, life coaching or holistic health; the California Institute of the Healing Arts and Sciences’ Healing Modules will teach students specific ways to get inspired for holistic transformation!

Body Module

Have the ability to naturally heal the body through the California Institute of the Healing Arts and Sciences’ Body Module. Understanding body symmetry, bodily diseases, pain control and much more throughout the human body in this offered Module can help your clients heal allergies, pains, migraines, and so much more!

Emotional Healing Module & Self-Healing Module

Get passionate about wellness and align yourself with your inner being through CIHAS’s offered Healing Modules! Our Modules will get you ready for your journey as a clinical hypnotherapist where you’ll have to teach your clients how to reconnect with their inner selves in order to bring about extraordinary and positive changes in their lifestyle.

The California Institute of the Healing Arts and Sciences’ Emotional Healing Module and Self-Healing Module teach students how to use both the conscious and unconscious mind to remove the negative blocks that are covering up a healthy and balanced life.

Passing that experience and knowledge to your clients will enable them to overcome pain, improve memory and concentration, conquer bad habits and free themselves of fears, phobias, panic, anxiety, insomnia, headaches, depression and low energy.

The Emotional Healing Module and Self-Healing Module inspire students to teach their clients to invest in self-improvement in order to heal emotional trauma and accomplish their substantial goals!

Mind/Body/Science Module