If you desire to help others through life’s challenges and are ready to kickstart your holistic journey as a Behavioral Therapist, California Institute of the Healing Arts and Sciences is here to help you achieve that! During your training as a Behavioral Therapist at CIHAS, you’ll master the skill of tapping the healing power of the mind and use it as a tool to better assist and encourage your clients. Everyone experiences periods of feeling stuck and uninspired at times, and while many individuals remain in this unproductive and unhappy state for years, other struggling individuals seek assistance and guidance from healers like you!

Behavioral Therapist Techniques

Change and adapting isn’t always comfortable or easy. Normally, when we hit a stagnant point in our lives, it means that the inner self is pushing for change and not everyone understands how to handle the challenge!

As a trained Behavioral Therapist you will be able to help struggling individuals identify and ultimately change potentially self-destructive or unhealthy behaviors.

The belief in behavioral therapy is that all behaviors are somehow learned, so it’s easy for some individuals to get hooked on a disadvantageous demeanor and not understand how to treat it. This includes struggles such as:

· Depression

· Anxiety

· Panic Disorders

· Anger Issues

· Eating Disorders


· Substance Abuse


· Phobias

· And More

At California Institute of the Healing Arts and Sciences, we teach our Behavioral Therapists students how to use various techniques in order to help their clients:

· Relaxation Training

· Systematic Desensitization

· Virtual Reality Exposure

· Exposure and Response Prevention Techniques

· Social Skills Training

· Modeling

· Behavioral Rehearsal

· Aversion Therapy and Punishment

· And More!

All in all, Behavioral Therapists will bring out the best in individuals and bring clients closer to their desires such as:

· Overcoming Life’s Problems

· The Five Stages of Change

· Changing Negative Behavior to Positive Behavior

· Emotional Clearing

· Balancing the Mind and Heart Energies

· Improving Communication Skills

· Breaking Down Conscious and Unconscious Blocks

Ultimately, your clients will live a happier, more positive life with the outlook you’ve taught them to attain, so they’ll be capable of handling the next challenge life has to throw at them with little uncertainty!