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Best Clinical Hypnotherapist Training in Sacramento

You've arrived here for a reason. Are you interested in training to become a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist? Then... you are in the right place!

At California Institute of the Healing Arts & Sciences (CIHAS), we offer a 200-hour comprehensive Clinical Hypnotherapy training program in Sacramento, that prepares you to work in a Private Practice, as an Independent Contractor or for an employer.

Learn powerful, innovative and proven techniques only taught at California Institute of the Healing Arts & Sciences.

When you earn your Certification in Hypnotherapy as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, you will be equipped with exclusive, powerful hypnotherapy healing techniques that are taught at no other school. It will change your life and the lives of those around you. CIHAS offers a one of a kind hypnotherapy training program that meets the highest state educational standards. This course is best learned in a classroom, where you can interact face-to-face with your instructors and fellow classmates.

Help people reconnect with their inner self and bring about

extraordinary change.

As a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, you will learn how to use both the conscious and unconscious mind to remove negative blocks and obstacles that are preventing your clients from living a healthy and balanced life. Discover the healer within and uncover unlimited potential.

There are many ways Hypnotherapy Training from CIHAS can be applied to help your clients.

  • Release trauma without re-living the event

  • Get rid of addictions

  • Win the battle with Insomnia

  • Weight loss / Weight management

  • Quit smoking

  • Self control

  • Anger

  • Relations

  • Communication

  • Remove PTSD symptoms and traumatizing events from the past and present

  • Resolve issues from the past stored in the subconscious mind

  • Learn about the different levels of Hypnosis

  • Anatomy of an induction

  • Remove blocks and obstacles in a respectful, healing way

  • Empower your clients with the tools to reach their personal goals

  • How to induct a successful "interactive process" session

  • Wisdom Center Induction (faster, more effective)

  • Emotional clearing

  • The "white light" technique

The Clinical Hypnotherapist program’s unique status as a State of California approved academic program provides peace of mind that your educational experience will be the highest quality available. A state-recognized training program that surpasses all others!

Plus, we teach you How to Open Your Own Private Practice included!

It's never too late to achieve your dreams. At CIHAS, we embrace each student and strive to nurture their gifts as individuals. An amazing journey starts here. We are honored to help nurture your gifts and for the opportunity to serve. We have offered Certified Clinical Hypnotherapy Training Courses in Sacramento for over 30 years.

Dedicated to "Training the future healers of tomorrow!"

California Institute of the Healing Arts & Sciences had its beginning in 1943 and has been in Sacramento for more than 35 years. During its long history, we have developed a method of education which utilizes a fresh holistic approach to the study of health care alternatives. CIHAS strives to nurture an environment that supports education in every respect. From the curriculum and administration, to the physical and spiritual aspects of training in complimentary alternative medicine.


Register today and start your amazing journey to becoming a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Healing Mind, Body & Emotions Naturally.

Call us at (916) 484-1700 or

email us direct:


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