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Holistic Healing Online

The California Institute of the Healing Arts and Sciences provides accredited holistic online courses dedicated to understanding a person as a whole and viewing the body as an entire system that works simultaneously to energize mind, body and soul. Having a healthy body and alert mind is the major key to appreciate your relationships, wealth and spiritual growth!

CIHAS’s holistic online classes teach like-minded individuals various holistic techniques through intuitive instruction in an engaging, empowering online environment, so you’re guaranteed to get the education you need to succeed as a holistic practitioner!

Holistic Healing Classes Online 

The California Institute of the Healing Arts and Sciences offers an accredited and captivating online environment that promotes one's wellness through natural methods!

Whether you’re on your journey to becoming a certified hypnotherapist, life coach, behavioral therapist, holistic health practitioner, aromatherapist, or master herbal practitioner, when you study with CIHAS, you’ll learn various holistic and comprehensive methods that will help and heal your clients like nothing else out there!

Unlike traditional schools, the California Institute provides online courses making it accessible to anyone at any time, and anywhere! Instead of relying on prescription medications and western medicine’s approach to healthcare, the online holistic health programs give a wide array of methods on how individuals can contribute to their own health through their spirituality and lifestyle.

Online Holistic Health Programs

The California Institute of the Healing Arts and Sciences’ holistic online courses provide an education with techniques like nothing else out there, leaving certified practitioners with hope and solutions to holistically make the world a better place. 

CIHAS is a community of like-minded individuals here to encourage and motivate!

Based on what intrigues you, CIHAS offers holistic practitioners several holistic online classes so you can get certified in no time!

In less than a year, you can get certified as a: clinical hypnotherapist, life coach, behavioral therapist, holistic health practitioner, aromatherapist, or master herbal practitioner. CIHAS also offers Herbal Healing Workshops that’ll allow potential practitioners to personally create different herbal medicines through practical, hands-on experience for yourself, your family, and others.

Although every online course varies in what practitioners are trying to ultimately achieve, each online holistic health program offers you the highest quality education available regarding natural approaches to healing the mind, body and spirit!

Clinical hypnotherapy is an efficient and enlightening skill used for both spiritual and personal growth. Be able to tap into a wide range of resources and make positive changes to clients’ lives by using their mind’s control to heal the body!

A life coach is someone who betters a clients’ health and improves their lifestyle by working as a guide to ultimately achieve a better, healthier life. This holistic online course teaches practitioners how to help individuals increase personal power, overcome fears, build self-esteem, and much more!

Behavioral therapy is the key term for therapy that treats various mental health challenges individuals can face. Whether someone is struggling with anger management, eating disorders, anxiety, depression, the goal of a behavioral therapist is to help identify, change and positively construct potentially unhealthy behaviors using natural methods. 

Holistic health practitioners learn alternative methods to health practices by working with a client as a whole person to boost their energy, health and overall life! Instead of the western approach to health care, a wellness-based model is used to increase an individual’s quality of life.

Aromatherapists learn the chemistry, therapeutic value and safety behind the essential oils. Learn to promote health and well-being through the usage of essential oils medicinally to better the health of your mind, body and spirit!

Through the online Master Herbal Practitioner courses, you’re able to discover the holistic approach to the study of herbalism using Botanical Medicines. CIHAS teaches you holistic techniques aimed at simulating a conversation you’ll have with a client in the future with heavy emphasis on Global herbs, case studies, and formulation!

The Herbal Foundations Program is specially designed to talk about 22 different segments of health, which includes cold & flu, pain, muscular, and more!

Each of the online holistic healing classes offered by the California Institute of the Healing Arts and Sciences evaluate energies, basic symptomology and formulas so that practitioners have the potential to assist their clients in healing their mind, body and soul naturally!

Enroll in a Holistic Online Course Today!

Make your passion about health and wellness into a career! Earn a living doing what you’re passionate about! Holistic wellness fulfills your mental, physical, social and spiritual needs equally creating a balanced, wholesome life. Your body’s wellness is not solely based on your diet, but also how you provide sustenance for yourself in the other areas in your life. The California Institute of the Healing Arts and Sciences offers holistic online programs which output optimal balance and harmony in mind, body and soul, and ultimately lead to a healthier lifestyle and outlook on life’s challenges!

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