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More and more people each day are seeking guidance in their careers and personal lives in order to achieve their goals, exceed expectations, and live life to the fullest. If you want to make a profound difference in someone’s life by helping them through life’s unpredictable challenges, then the California Institute of the Healing Arts & Sciences is the right place for you! Become a certified life coach online in as early as six months. Use our approved CIHAS academic program to give you a prestigious qualification that is not only recognized and respected in the United States, but among various nations.

Industry Background

Life coaching is a two-billion-dollar industry that is growing more and more as time passes! Your purpose as a life coach is to apply the techniques you learn to help your clients overcome obstacles and challenges, and make decisions that will have a positive impact on their overall life, while discovering the power of the mind, body, and emotional connection. Your clients may be stuck in a rut, or hit a bump in the road of life and need some support and advice on how to navigate the situation. A stagnant career,relationship, or even routine could be seen as a challenge that they need guidance through. Rather than a diagnosis, more and more people are seeking advice in their careers, personal lives, transitions, and goals in order to achieve personal growth, satisfaction, and fulfillment, and ultimately lead a happier, healthier life. It is safe to say that life coaching is in high demand and here to stay! The CIHAS has a life coach program that is unique and unlike anything else you will find out there!


CIHAS offers students the flexibility to choose from a variety of career paths in order to give you the freedom to take your skills and apply them to your own knowledge and expertise. Our accredited online life coach program prepares and enhances your knowledge and skills to a set of clients, so that you can apply your insight and ability to the profession that engages your skill set the best. Many life coaches spend their days assisting busy executives with their free time, helping high school or college students set a path of academic and personal successes, or providing advice to couples as they work on their relationship and plan for the future. If that doesn’t promote your interest, there is also a more spiritual approach that can be taken with our certification in order to guide clients through their actions of self-care. Holistic Mind, Body,and Emotion techniques are used by our coaches in order for the client to get a motivational sense of what they want out of life, and how to get there in a stable, balanced manner. Along with helping clients, various coaches use their new skills in order to excel in their lives as an executive, manager,entrepreneur, or they simply wish to transcend in personal relationships,self-care, or spirituality. Giving a client the attention, advice, and an entirely new perspective on their concerns in life is rewarding, and can lead you to love what you do, so you never have to work another day in your life.

What Can You Assist Clients With?

Our life coach educational program is designed to allow insight and in grain students with the aptitude to make a difference in the world, for those who need it most. Coping mechanisms, skills, and processes are studied in order for you to enforce positivity before conveying information to a client.Throughout CIHAS’s program, you will gain a sense of purpose in helping your clients lead a healthier, more positive journey with every session.Wellness issues, lifestyle transitions, career concerns, personal, and professional growth are just a few broad topics that come with a variety of subtopics. Once the online program is completed, a certified life coach can assist a client with personal circumstances such as:

•Break prolonged habits they have been trying to cease for years

•Remove barriers that block them from what they desire

•Simply bring peace and stability in their lives

•Increase self-esteem and confidence

•Heighten their craving for success and accomplishing their goals

•Build stronger relationships

•Focus on life and direction

•Take on fears and have an overall, new perspective on life

Along with that, providing encouragement, feedback, and focus will be necessary to keep your client motivated on having the most fulfilling life they can pursue. A CIHAS life coach has all the skills necessary to help challenged individuals, so the possibilities are truly endless.

Certified Life Coach Requirements

The Certified Life Coach program’s unique status as a State of California approved academic program provides peace of mind that your educational experience will be the highest quality available. ​A State of California Approved Diploma is awarded upon Successful Completion.Tuition: $6,449 Duration: 6 months Hours: 300 hours Starts: Every 5 weeks Meets: Saturdays from 9AM – 4PM Never Too Late to Enroll The California Institute of Healing Arts and Sciences offers an online certified life coach program that is academically approved by the State of California and will provide you with the highest quality of education possible. The duration of the program is six months, or three-hundred hours, and classes begin every five weeks, so it’s never too late to get started on you and your clients’ future! Life throws challenges at us when we least expect it, and you can make a difference assisting and educating someone through their hardships in order to emerge on the better side of life.


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