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How to Meditate in Public

Finding Peace in Chaos

How do we meditate during busy times, when we need it most?

Often, while in a crowded or public space, we can feel anxiety, a sense of rush and overwhelming stress, especially around the Holidays. This is your reminder to be gentle with yourself and learn to find your center and peace in the middle of chaos.

As we all know, meditation has many benefits but do you realize it does not require you to be alone in a quiet space? In fact, we need to balance ourselves the most when we are in the middle of stressful moments.

This meditation technique will help you attentively observe what is going on inside and around you, to take inventory so to speak, and be in the moment with your thoughts, emotions and environment.

When we are balanced, mind, body and spirit, our mind is more clear, not wandering in the past or future, and we are 100% present in the moment.

When you’re in a crowded space, typical meditation techniques may not be as effective or concussive to your environment. Focusing on single elements such as your breathing, smells, sounds or physical sensations is often impossible. A lot of times we get sensory overload and it’s difficult to focus on one thing.

Try this meditation technique next time you’re in a crowded space and feel anxiety, or stress creep in.

Turn your focus on these three things:

  1. Awareness

  2. Observation

  3. Acceptance


As you are walking, shopping, sitting, or having a conversation, allow yourself to become aware of external factors, such as body language, tone of voice, energies that flow around the room, smells, background noises etc. Acknowledge them, allow them to exist in their own space…


Once you’re aware of everything that’s going on around you, you should simply observe without judging…without questioning…without overthinking any meanings of your observations…just allow them to exist as they are. As you observe, bring your attention to your mind and purposefully breathe…allow your thoughts to focus on the present moment.


Your mind, body and emotions are in total harmony…total balance…as you continue to be in the present moment…accepting things as they are…breathe…release anything that does not belong to you…accept all things that are meant for your good…breathe…be in the moment.

We hope this meditation technique helps you be in the moment and restore peace and balance to your life.


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