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Learn How To Lose Weight Fast Naturally

Online Holistic Weight Reduction Education

Body image can affect a person’s over all health; mentally, emotionally and physically. More and more people are searching for natural weight loss methods that are proven effective and have stood the test of time rather than chemicals that make you feel jittery or just not yourself. When you learn about our proprietary Weight Reduction (weight loss) Program, you will be able to help yourself and those close to you manage a healthy weight and overcome bad eating habits like food addictions, stress eating etc.

Transformation Awaits!

When you enroll in our Online Holistic Training Programs, you will learn alongside likeminded individuals who have chosen to fulfill their life’s purpose as a healer. Our instructors provide an enriching, healthy and stimulating environment that will have you soaring to new highs in your career in Alternative Medicine.

Plus, we teach you how to successfully open and manage your own private practice and incorporate the Holistic Weight Loss program along with many other techniques you learn along the way.

All of our programs move through a rotation of modules, allowing all of our students to benefit from techniques and practices only taught at California Institute of the Healing Arts & Sciences.

Join us as we explore the human body in relation to its functioning and well-being. A special emphasis is given to the therapeutic process of the Natural Weight Control Program and its many complexities of mind, body and emotion connection.

The complete Weight Loss Program is discussed in detail with the emphasis on resolving subconscious blocks and obstacles with clients and the emotion factors involved. Various techniques and modalities are taught including: inductions, flow of energy, the hypogenic zones, the language of change, the 3 Pillars to Natural Weight Loss, re- establishing balance in people’s lives, your subconscious body image, the 7 keys to weight loss success, the centering technique, energy balancing and emotional maturity.

Join Us Next Class January 15, 2022

Experience Life Changing Programs For Healers!

  • Train to become a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist in 4 months

  • Train online to become a Certified Life Coach in 6 months

  • Train online to become a Certified Behavioral Therapist in 8 months

  • Train online to become a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner in 11 months



The Body Module!

Enrollment is open and we are accepting early registration.

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