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Why Become a Certified Hypnotherapist Online?

Hypnotherapy, otherwise known as hypnosis, is an alternative medicinal process where one

uses intense concentration, guided relaxation, and increased attention to enter a trance-like

state of mind. Hypnotherapy was approved by the American Medical Association (AMA) in

1958. It is proven to overcome pain, improve memory and concentration, conquer bad habits, and free you from fears, phobias, panic, anxiety, insomnia, headaches, depression and low energy. It can also empower you to heal emotional trauma and accomplish your goals. It is a useful tool in every area of self-improvement, whether it be physical or emotional. Becoming a certified hypnotherapist online is your chance to better your understanding of yourself and to use this knowledge to encourage others to live life without any internal limitations.

Online Hypnotherapy Certification Opportunity

California Institute of the Healing Arts and Sciences is now offering the opportunity to complete hypnotherapy classes online and receive full certification from doing so! Throughout the program to become a hypnotherapist online, you will learn how to teach your clients to reconnect with their inner self and bring about extraordinary change! As a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, you will have the capability to use both the conscious and unconscious mind to remove any mental blocks or negative energy your clients may be experiencing. After completing the 200-hour online course, you will be fully equipt to work in a private practice, for an employer, or even to work as an independent contractor.

Hypnotherapy Online Sessions

Becoming a hypnotherapist means you have the ability to set others on their journey to

understanding themselves on a fundamental level. In the process of becoming a hypnotherapist through online sessions, you will learn that the mind has an incredible capacity to heal. The first thing you will learn is how to cut out noise, both internal and external, in order to quiet the mind. In conjunction with this, you will also learn (but not limited to):

● Levels of hypnosis

● How to remove PTSD symptoms and traumatizing events from past and present

● Emotional clearing

● Anatomy of induction

● How to get rid of addictions

● How to conduct a successful “interactive process” session

● Release trauma without re-living the event

● Resolve issues from the past stored in the subconscious mind

● Hypnosis and sleep

● The “white light” technique

● Removes blocks and obstacles in a respectful, healing way

● How to help others reach their own personal goals such as weight loss, insomnia, anger,

hopes, dreams, and so much more!

The online hypnotherapy sessions by California Institute of Healing Arts and Sciences will

provide you with extensive knowledge of how you can guide someone to their most balanced and healthiest self!

Becoming a Hypnotherapist Online With CIHAS

It is no secret that California is well known for its holistic approach towards the study of

medicine, alternative health care remedies, and overall positive environment. Established in

1943, California Institute of the Healing Arts and Sciences' reputation for excellence is

widespread locally and nationally. Our educational experience is radically different from other schools’ formula programs. We are proud to be based out of Sacramento, and strive to bring you the same positive attitude from face-to-face learning to your experience while completing your online hypnotherapy certification with us! Along with our reputation for excellence, we put great emphasis on empowerment, mentorship, and your own personal healing and growth.

Hypnotherapy Online Courses You Can Use Anywhere!

Completing the unique Clinical Hypnotherapist Program through CIHAS means you can take the knowledge you gain and apply it anywhere in the world! The beauty of our online program is that it includes the opportunity to kickstart your own private practice. We want you to become your most successful self after your time with us, so you have the chance to embark on a new journey with your talents, knowledge, and dreams!

When to Apply to Earn Your Online Hypnotherapy Certification

Our online hypnotherapy training courses begin every 5 weeks, allowing you the chance to

apply on numerous occasions! We understand the value of your time and resources, so in just 4 months of training, our comprehensive and intense programs provide the knowledge and skills you need to pursue your successful career quickly and effectively.

Receive Your Hypnotherapy Online Certification Now!

California Institute of the Healing Arts and Sciences has been offering Clinical Hypnotherapy

Training Courses for over 30 years in Sacramento and is dedicated to training the future healers of tomorrow! Our holistic, natural, and alternative career training is the first step to fulfilling your quality of life, as well as others. Your long awaited journey starts here !


Register today and start your amazing journey to becoming a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Healing Mind, Body & Emotions Naturally.

Call us at (916) 484-1700 or

email us direct:


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