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Student Clinics at CIHAS

Feeling Better & Healing Your Body

Alternative Medicine Holistic or Natural Medicine is Based on One Simple Truth, 

The Human Body has considerable Power to Heal itself, when given the chance.

At our STUDENT CLINIC, our Senior Students, (as part of their Internship), work with you one-on-one to bring you into balance to overcome Chronic Health concerns; Pain, Stress, Insomnia, Motivation, and Bad Habits. Using many types of Natural Methods; Mind-Body techniques, all at a reduced cost to you!  Custom made Herbal medicine, Behavioral Therapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy private sessions, along with group Guided Imagery and Deep Relaxation Sessions. In a short time, we can help you get where you want to be.  No goal is too small or big!

We provide Personalized Life Coaching, Deep Breathing techniques, Guided Imagery, TM Meditation instruction (at a low cost), and custom Herbal medicine formulas for health, and more…


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Claim Your Complimentary DEEP RELAXATION SESSION!

All done over the phone!

Call or Text (916) 484-1700

  Discover how to Rejuvenate yourself for…  Peace, Balance, Vitality, and Joy!

Our lives can be complicated and "messy." So many times we don’t look at Natural remedies, because we either don’t have the time, or we put ourselves last, until whatever is happening to us becomes critical and demands our attention.

Holistic Health is not itself a method of treatment, but is an approach to how treatment should be applied. Holistic concepts of health and fitness are viewed as achieving and maintaining good health.  It requires more than just taking care of the various singular components that make up the physical body.  Incorporating aspects such as emotional and spiritual well-being are an important mind-body-emotions component. The goal is a wellness that encompasses the entire person, rather than just the lack of physical pain or disease.

The three are closely interconnected and equally important to treatment, healing, and wellness. While frequently associated with alternative medicine, it is also increasingly used in mainstream medical practice as part of integrative patient care.

With that being said, we are here to help you with the “little things in life” or the “big things” that are annoying and bothersome to you; things that need your attention. Maybe it’s cravings that make you feel powerless.  These are the things that can improve your life to become healthier, calmer, more resilient, energized and feel good again about yourself.

Some of the “little things” we have Helped Clients Resolve are:

  • Sugar cravings 

  • Chocolate (M & M's, Almond Joy, all candy bars.)

  • Cookies 

  • Potato chips (or other crunchy salty snacks)

  • Salt (do you salt your food before you taste it?)

  • Carbs:  Spaghetti, Macaroni and Cheese, or other favorite snacks you are craving in excess that is getting out of control

  • "Emotional Eating"


As the saying goes:   "All things in moderation."  Do you find yourself using favorites in EXCESS?

Many of us know what we need to do, but the willpower is not there to do it. 


Let Us Help You with YOUR WILL POWER !   

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