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CIHAS Graduate Testimonials

Our Students Say it Best! Read real testimonials from graduates that have taken classes at CIHAS!

“I feel that I have learned how the importance of balance is needed in every day life. Basic understanding of the Wisdom Center and how self-healing and self-empowerment can really change the course of ones’ life, as well as understanding technique in use, along with the application.

“I like the idea of allowing one’s own subconscious level of the mind to direct and set the correct course to one’s own healing.”

Trilla Ortega
Sacramento, CA
Personal Banker

"The information taught at CIHAS has a tremendous capacity to positively affect the lives of others. The system taught is one that I believe I can use with integrity and faith.

Furthermore, class is structured so that one has many opportunities to learn and flourish; lectures and interactive experiential experiences are a key foundation to the learning.

'I am thankful to have this experience and knowledge in my life – personally and professionally.”

Lea’ Rathbun
Placerville, CA

“I don’t know any way to thank  Carol enough for sharing the Wisdom Center Technologies®. I came hoping to learn a way to help myself and others and that hope had easily been fulfilled.


'More over, my deep and profound experiences here have transformed my life and are beginning to transform the lives of those around me in a most beneficial way. WCT“ is the best method I found for making vast progress in the important matters of life; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. I highly recommend it for those seekers of higher things.”

Lynda Green
Oregon House, CA

“I highly recommend Wisdom Center Technologies® for hypnotherapy training. It has made a more significant difference in my life that anything else I have ever done. I enrolled in the course looking for a career change and specific techniques for helping others.

“My expectations have not only been met, but were far exceeded. This course has inspired me to make some very empowering changes in my life. Carol genuinely cares about all of her students, and it shows. Carol is a very good teacher and she obviously puts a lot of thought into each class.”

Dianne Roed
Sacramento, CA

“I have received so many benefits from this training, but of greatest significance to me would be the discovery of the “Healer Within”. I can think of no greater gift to be given than this. I’ve awakened in me a longing I had only barely glimpsed at and actually actively denied.

“In the short time I’ve been enrolled in this course I have completely accepted “my path” and I could not be happier. What joy I have seen missing, and what joy, peace and happiness await. To discover who one is and what one is to do for their life’s work brings great happiness. I am very grateful for this most precious of gifts.”

Kevin Quinn
Carmichael, CA
Behavioral Therapist

“This training program goes far beyond the simple, surface level treatment offered by other training programs. My experience has been that most standard approaches to hypnotherapy are inappropriately focused on inductions and suggestions, rather than instructions that energize self-healing.


"In many important respects, this approach, using WCT® returns the individual to themselves where they regain their inherent capacity to inspire and empower themselves.

“I believe that real learning, growth, enlightenment, etc. takes place only in the presence and under the tutelage of learned, enlightened people. This latter description aptly characterizes this school. It has been my great and good fortune to report that this is perhaps only the second time in about 25 years that I have been able to experience learning in this kind of environment!”

David Pannell

"I have practiced behavior modification since 1979 and have studied an numerous institutes. In June of 1994 I was introduced to Wisdom Center Technologies®, developed by Carol and Jim DiGirolamo. WCT® who taught me a unique approach to remove conscious resistance, yet validate behavior modification simultaneously through a process called the Interactive Process® .

“I have since used this process as my main approach in therapy. This process is fast, gentle, and very respectful to the client. In this style of removing resistance and modifying the specific behavior, the client is gently being guided to their own discovery, which creates a safe and secure feeling of empowerment. The client is not self-doubting the therapist for any second-guessing. This process takes responsibility off the therapist in the way of the client not trusting the style of therapy.

“My clients respond very well to this technique, which has proven to be the most effective for their own self-discovery and liberation.”

If you are thinking of becoming a Healer, this school is the best!   These Mind-Body techniques literally  take minutes to affect a personal transformation in your client!

Vivian Grant

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