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Why Choose CIHAS?

10 Reasons to Choose Your Online Holistic Career Training at the
 California Institute of the Healing Arts and Sciences 

1. Reputation for Excellence

Established in 1943, California Institute of the Healing Arts & Sciences' reputation for excellence is widespread-locally, and nationally.  Our Online Educational experience is radically different from other schools’ formula programs.  We graduate fewer than 100 students each year.  We get to know you as an individual student.  We nurture your success while you are here and after you graduate. To this day, we are in touch with graduates from 9-10 years ago, mentoring them, sharing their successes, and sharing new ideas.

2. Cutting-edge emphasis on “Healing Mind-Body and Emotions Naturally”

The Quality of our training and the consistent tradition of profound student satisfaction make us stand out when compared to other schools. We provide heartfelt individualized attention in class and during the hands-on sessions. Our live online demonstrations and actual sessions during class have a huge impact on the student. “Seeing is believing.”   The weekly progress and success stories of actual clients brought into class by students are a life changing event.

3. Limited Class Size

Imagine a learning environment where a highly acclaimed instructor is right by your side, giving you the personalized attention you need to master the tools and techniques.  You have a distinct advantage throughout your career.

4. Accelerated Programs

We understand the value of your time and resources.  In four to ten months, our comprehensive and intense programs provide the knowledge and skills you need to pursue your successful career quickly and effectively.

5. Emphasis on your Empowerment

California Institute of the Healing Arts & Sciences’ focus is on the empowerment of our students.  Everything we teach- techniques, methods, career development and WCT®™ begins and ends with our students’ growth at the heart of training.

6. Innovative State-of-the-Art Wisdom Center Technologies®™

WCT®™ is transforming many aspects of the health and counseling professions today.  With our trademark “30-minute” Session, our exclusive “Therapy Plan method,” and clients not having to re-live traumatic (PTSD) events (emotional healing) in their sessions, students accomplish more in less time.  Clients praise the ease of the therapy sessions and the profound results accomplished. These techniques are exclusive to our school and are not taught at any other school.                          

7. Mentorship, Professional Practice Start-up

Our real-world experience in the field of the healing arts will help you with everything you need from beginning to end. Long after Graduation, you have access to our Mentorship Program.

 8. WCT®™ Techniques exclusively taught at CIHAS. 

These ground-breaking techniques include simple, but powerful tools and techniques that accelerate the healing therapy session to 30-minutes, saving time and money for you and your client.  (Clients love the 30-minute session.)                                         

9.  Your Healing and Growth

         As part of this online training program, your healing and personal growth can be your pinnacle of your success.

10. And one more reason...

Student Satisfaction and Transforming Lives.

Don't Take Our Word for it, Our Graduates Say it best!

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