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We are excited to announce our upcoming workshop

November 2, 2019

10am - 4pm

Seating is limited.



Mind, Body & Emotion Connection

Herbal Instructor - Ron Shroyer

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In this workshop you will learn the basics of astrology and its connection with herbs, spices, flowers and food for health. Learn to heal naturally.  


We will explore 12 Bach Flower Essences, 12 Cell Salts, Herbs and Foods that have a healing correlation with the stars.


We will discover the possible causes and effects of illness and find potential remedy with Astrology and the Healers of the Zodiac.


You will become familiar with simple techniques to use in your health and wellness practices.


Discover simple safe and effective ways to help yourself and others with natural remedies from the earth by following the stars.


You will learn to prepare personal formulas and recipes for healthy minds, healthy bodies and healthy spirits.


Get in touch with an ancient knowledge that has survived the test of time and heralds in a New Age!

Handouts will be provided. Please bring pen & paper to take notes. 

Seating is limited. Reserve your seat today and learn to heal your mind, body & emotions naturally.


Ron is a Wellness Coach and Artist. He has 30 years of mental, physical and spiritual health and wellness experience, helping people help themselves. He believes nutrition for the mind, body and spirit from fresh fruits, vegetable, grains, herbs, spices and flowers and yoga are healing modalities you can 

always count on. 

Incorporating astrology into his work in 1998, Ron found in an astrology chart a quick and easy overview of a persons possible mental, physical and emotional conditions. Along with potential remedies of causes and effects of these conditions.


He uses safe and effective nurturing remedies such as Nutrition, Flower Essences, Cell Salts and Herbs in his practice.


Ron is also available for Astrology consultations and Astrology chart services.

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