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About CIHAS Holistic Training Online

A Message from the Director

Life Coach Training | Career Training

 Carol DiGirolamo


Dear Fellow Healer,

It is no coincidence that you found your way to our Website. Perhaps you heard about California Institute of the Healing Arts and Sciences (CIHAS) from a friend, or a graduate, or by searching on-line.


California Institute of the Healing Arts & Sciences (CIHAS) has been a leader of education and research in the healing arts since 1943. We educate, train, and certify the public in the latest innovative techniques in holistic-alternative, herbal medicine, life coaching, behavioral therapy, aromatherapy and clinical hypnotherapy. 

CIHAS has been researching the potential of the mind-body connection for over 50 years and because of this, we emphasize in our teachings the potential of the human mind to positively impact the human body. “Healing mind, body and emotions naturally,” has become our trademark of expertise.

Our passion is to train and help Practitioners heal the Mind, Body and Emotions Naturally. We provide comprehensive, professional online training and are committed to promoting health, peace and happiness through personal growth and raising human awareness. We provide you with quality holistic training online, while encouraging your wealth of creativity, intuition and healing capabilities in a supportive environment.

We sincerely welcome you to the Institute, and want you to know that we are dedicated fully to your understanding and success in the exciting field of the healing arts. 

If we can help you, please give us a call!  We are here to help!

We want you to succeed beyond your wildest dreams!


Carol DiGirolamo


Carol DiGirolamo, Director of Education and Instructor of California Institute of the Healing Arts & Sciences in Sacramento, brings over 30 years of diverse professional and business experience to her role.


As an accomplished Clinical Behavioral Therapist, Carol combines an impressive and unique background of holistic and therapeutic expertise which has contributed to the growing success of California Institute of the Healing Arts & Sciences.

California Institute of Healing Arts and Sciences, co-founders Carol and Jim DiGirolamo, have developed a very unique, powerful Healing System;  Wisdom Center Technologies®™, a registered and proprietary system, was developed in 1992. This process is regarded by many professionals in the Healing Arts as a groundbreaking therapeutic technique.  Jim passed away in May of 2009.

Prior to opening CIHAS, the DiGirolamo’s were cofounders of the Crisis Intervention Hotline in Sacramento, along with psychologist, James V. DiGirolamo. For over 30 years, the DiGirolamos managed a successful private practice in behavioral therapy, specializing in mind-body techniques and clinical hypnotherapy. We continue to benefit from Carol’s years of expertise and passion for their proprietary WCT®™  therapeutic healing process.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to help!

      The School… Our Powerful Healing Techniques

School | CIHAS
school | cihas training

Wisdom Center Technologies®™

Wisdom Center Technologies®™ (WCT). Developed in 1992 by Carol and Jim DiGirolamo. WCT techniques®™ are considered breakthrough mind-body therapies by healing arts professionals around the world. These methods have been used to help people heal faster with no pain, no strain, no struggle and without re-living the trauma or event.

In addition, these techniques accelerate patients' therapy sessions. A typical 60-minute session is reduced to 30-40 minutes with the support of WCT®™ techniques, which ultimately helps Clients heal in half the time and saves them money.

The best way to discover CIHAS-California Institute is to have a conversation with the Director. 

Healing Arts Training | CIHAS

As Your Instructor We Promise to...

  • Provide the highest level of training in the Healing Arts and Sciences available.

  • Introduce students to new and innovative ways in which the mind and body can heal itself.

  • Train and prepare students to establish private practices or secure jobs in the alternative healing arts field.

  • Maintain an educational environment that respects and welcomes a diverse group of people, including those with various backgrounds, abilities, interest, and opinions.

education | sacramento

As Our Student...


  • You’ll be trained on innovative processes that link the mind and body, allowing healing without other medical means, without reliving the event.

  • You will effectively learn through multiple teaching methods. Beyond lecture and reading, we use demonstration, practicals, hands-on (in class lab), client clinical, group forums, herbal formulating, and more.

  • Your learning will be greatly enriched by your exposure to diverse classmates with varied opinions, talents, and life experiences.

  • We’ve learned that the majority of our students find their way to our school who find deep satisfaction in careers, counseling and healing others. You, as well, may find such vital purpose, and you may find great fulfillment in continuing to help others.

  • The training you receive may positively affect the way you think and feel about your own physical and mental state. With tools to effectively address your own healing - naturally. You may enjoy an unexpected benefit reported by many students. Many students tell us that our training tools and methods have greatly impact their lives, and the lives of their families for the better. 

  • As a graduate, you are trained and prepared to establish your own private practice as a Hypnotherapist, Behavioral Therapist, Life Coach, Alternative or Holistic Health Practitioner, Master Herbal Practitioner or Aromatherapist.

  • We succeed when you succeed. We care deeply about your progress, completion, and success as a student and as a graduate.    

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