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Attunement for Life

Refresh, Relax, and Rejuvenate with Attunement for Life. 

Discover a New Dimension of Relaxation and Well-being through

Your Wisdom Center® and Wisdom Center Technologies

 When We Are Whole And Balanced,We Open The Door To New Possibilities In Our Lives!

Scientific research has shown that relaxation is the key to our physical and psychological health and essential to creating balance in our lives.


The Attunement for Life Series will help you achieve mental and physical balance and abundant health. The serene music relaxes your body, soothes your mind, and calms your emotions.

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Attunement for Life

Download Ready!

Purchase Music Only for $8.95 or Music with Spoken Words for $8.95

Prepare to experience the soothing and uplifting effects of words and music proven to rejuvenate and allow you to become balanced, energized and emotionally resilient.

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"I live in a retirement community in Las Vegas. Last fall one of our residents organized a weekly meditation group during which she played "Attunement For Life - Relax and Energize". It made such a difference in my life, I had to buy it for myself. I listen to it regularly because it always gives me a sense of well-being and I feel healthier now than I did before I started listening to your tape. Thank you for producing such a wonderful product!"

Sincerely, Susan

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 Since ancient times, it has been known that the frontal lobe of the brain is the center of spirituality and higher levels of consciousness.

This audio, created by Jim and Carol DiGirolamo, is designed to harmonize both left and right hemispheres of the brain, as well as the frontal lobe, for a profound relaxation experience.

In its development stage, this powerful audio production took over a year to produce; altering sounds, tones and sequences until Jim and Carol felt they could do no more to produce this perfect affect for healing mind, body and emotions. So many people have commented on the Attunement For Life series over the years...calling it a "Massage for the Mind."


These soothing and uplifting effects of words and music allow you to become balanced, energized and emotionally resilient. Contained within the music are nine intricate processes using overtones and special differences to create this healing experience.

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  Experience the calming, peaceful music carefully selected to nurture all aspects of your total being.

Comprised of 25 minutes of Jim’s or Carol’s soothing voice, guiding you through your Wisdom Center®. The music continues for an hour after the spoken sections to enhance your experience.


This audio release is exclusively offered at the California Institute of Healing Arts & Sciences.


Massage Therapists say “Attunement for Life” helps relax their clients to the extent that an hour massage seems longer because of their clients relaxed state earlier in the massage.


Teachers use the Audio (music only) for a balancing affect in the classroom, which allows the student the benefit of  being centered, mentally balanced and calm. The music portion can be used as low background music and can be played anywhere for its centering and smoothing effects.


Office workers have reported a stress-less, balanced focus (in the zone), and having a happier day at work.

Attunement for Life

Balance, Rejuvenate, Energize 


We all acknowledge the 5 elements for a balanced life, we must also raise our awareness that the same Divine connection is within our mind, body, and emotions.


Enjoy this deep relaxing and rejuvenating audio and experience the soothing and uplifting effects of words and music proven to rejuvenate and allow you to become balanced, energized, and emotionally resilient.

About - Wisdom Center® Technologies

A clinically proven self-healing technique, which allows relaxation and a healing process from within you.

It has evolved through over 30-years of pioneering clinical research with thousands of clients at the California Institute of Healing Arts & Sciences, in Sacramento, California.

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