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Professional Self Help Clinic in Sacramento, CA

Increase Your Ability to Experience Success, Happiness, and Have more Energy!! (and fun)

California Institute of the Healing Arts and Sciences Offers Professional Clinical Services to Help You Take Control of Your Life !


Private Therapy Sessions

Personal Empowerment, Transformation

Sessions can be done in person or by phone

  • Hypnotherapy

  • Life Coaching

  • Behavioral Therapy

  • Holistic Health

  • Deep Relaxation Sessions

  • Herbal Remedy Consultations

Call or Text Now 
(916) 484-1700
Think you have an unsolvable problem?

Stress, Panic Attacks, Anxiety, Chronic Pain, or troublesome unwanted habits?

You may want to consider the health techniques available through our healing center;  Weight Loss, Quit Smoking, PTSD, Insomnia, are gotten to at the root of the problem ~ REMOVED and RESOLVED in a healing, comfortable way.

All therapeutic and healing methods are not the same. Our unique method, has been researched, created and developed by us through over thirty-years of pains' taking use of other systems and modalities.

Our method is so gentle and effective, yet powerful; many people have found great results, in a very short time.


We work with you to break bad habits and to end mental, physical, and emotional blocks by getting to the underlying causes. You release and resolve negative ideas, concepts, emotional traumas, fears, phobias, and anxieties in order to lead a happy, healthy, and fulfilled life, all with a healthy, alternative approach.

Call (916) 484-1700
Live The Life You Deserve!
Freedom from addiction, bad habits, anxiety, depression and so much more.
Healing Mind, Body & Emotions Naturally 

Atunement For Life Available on CD. Order Today.

The Attunement for Life Series will help you achieve mental and physical balance and abundant health. The serene music relaxes your body, soothes your mind, and calms your emotions.


Our Successes!
  • Alcohol abuse

  • Anesthesia

  • Anger

  • Anxiety

  • Bed-wetting

  • Cancer patients

  • Chewing Tobacco

  • Childhood issues

  • Chronic Pain

  • Compulsive behavior

  • Cravings/Binges

  • Dentistry

  • Depression

  • Drug abuse

  • Emotional scars

  • Fears

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Grief

  • Guilt

  • Hair pulling

  • Hopelessness

  • Insomnia

  • Life’s lessons

  • Loss of appetite

  • Low energy

  • Memory

  • Mental abuse

  • More Energy

  • Motivation

  • Nail biting

  • Pain relief

  • Panic attacks

  • Bar Exams

  • Performance

  • Phobias

  • Physical abuse

  • Public speaking

  • Quit smoking

  • Relaxation

  • Self esteem

  • Self improvement

  • Sexual blocks/concerns

  • Stress

  • Study habits

  • Stuttering

  • Test anxiety

  • TMJ

  • Visualization

  • Weight Gain

  • Weight Loss

  • And more…

Stories of Healing and Transformation!

Story of healing

“I can hardly believe I have only one session left. I admit to being skeptical when I first came to you, but the method of WCT“ you practice to affect behavioral changes as enabled me to make changes in my life after only 11 short visits. Ten years and tens of thousands of dollars worth of traditional therapy, an 18 month long 12-step program for adult children of alcoholics and medications have never been able to.

“Speaking for myself, I know for a fact that the beginning preparation for the sessions where you say, “there’s nothing I have to do”, that I don’t even have to listen to your instructions, freed me from my natural propensity to rebel again to the “you must” or “you have to” approach. In addition, the therapy you practice “cuts right to the chase” to coin a phrase, mercifully eliminating the rehashing of old grievances.

“So – how do I thank you? I feel as if you have given me my life back! I have achieved a level of personal freedom and control of my own life that I have never dreamed could be possible. It is having a “domino effect” in every aspect of my life. A very destructive family dynamic is changing as well as some un-healthy interpersonal relationships.

“Thanks again for everything!”

Rita L

Sacramento, CA

story of transformation

“I want to let you know how much your guidance through the technique of WCT® has impacted my life.

“After the first session I felt much better physically than I had in a long time. I had just found out that I was diabetic, which explained some of my dragging around. In working with you I discovered how much of my fatigue was caused by my “inner life”.

“You helped my clear some old issues and gave me the tools to keep on with it as others surfaced. It was very clear that these old issues were draining my energy levels and certainly not helpful toward regaining a healthy state.

“The day after my first session, my blood pressures dropped significantly and read slightly lower the whole day. My following sessions reinforced the above and I am left with a clearer sense of purpose. The slight morning depression that I have had for several years is gone. I feel and see a clear path through the brambles of living.

“Thanks for your wonderful healing energy, and I’ll be back!”

Sue M
Sacramento, CA

Hands of Healings

“I want to thank you for introducing me to non-invasive Wisdom Center Technologies® method as a guide. As General Manager of a radio station, I have very stressful job, and your empathic and gentle technique has really helped me to cope with the pressure. After each of our sessions, I always feel relaxed and centered, and sometimes have learned important insights about myself. I only wish I had the luxury of scheduling sessions more often.

“I believe that nearly everyone could benefit from your services, and would wholeheartedly recommend this method to anyone who would ask me.”

Ken C

The Mind-Body Connection

Practitioners of Wisdom Center Technologies® and Techniques can offer you help in many therapeutic alternative healing programs, without leaving your home.

In many instances, our 20-40-minute therapy sessions can be easily accomplished by telephone from any location worldwide.

Wisdom Center Technologies® is a gentle, yet powerful, highly effective self-healing system.

This remarkable system is used for correcting and improving specific and general conditions in your life.

Our program works by removing the blocks and obstacles interfering with your health, peace-of-mind and well-being without re-living the event or trauma.

By using these alternative methods to balance mind, body, and emotions, you are able to use your full potential for self-healing.

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