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of Botanical Medicine

Train to Become a Master Herbal Practitioner

Sacramento, CA

An In-Depth Training Like no other

When you enroll in the Master Herbal Practitioner Program of Botanical Medicine, a 200-hour academically rich educational program, you will be guided through your herbal education with personal step by step guidance for your success.


This  extensive course offers students over 1,100 pages of academic materials, lectures, and presentations in a classroom rich learning environment.

Healing Mind, Body & Emotions Naturally 

More than one third of Americans use herbs for health purposes, spending over $6.4 billion annually.

Unfortunately, patients (and physicians) often lack accurate information about the safety and efficacy of using herbs for healing.


Our Masters students gain a powerful, practical and energetic understanding of global herbs and their formulation to individual needs. 


Additionally, our Masters program includes an overview of, nutrition, anatomy and physiology. After completing numerous diagnostic case studies, our Masters students are invited to apply what they learn in our student clinic, practicing interaction with clients and identifying disease, formulating herbal solutions for individuals in an actual client setting, with the oversight of our Master Herbalist instructor.

Come join us at California Institute of the Healing Arts & Sciences and become a well-trained, confident and competent Master Herbal Practitioner.

Start Your Journey in Holistic Healing Today!

Why do we call it “Alternative Medicine” when it is the “Original Medicine” that humans have used for thousands of years? 

“Modern Medicine” was discovered only 100 years ago! 

Start your Career Training as a Master Herbal Practitioner. The powerful healing techniques you will learn in this program meet the highest educational standards. You will gain a powerful, practical and energetic understanding of global herbs and their formulation to individual needs. 

During your training as a Master Herbal Practitioner you will learn:

Fundamentals of Herbalism, with hands-on interaction with nearly 400 Global herbs.

Understand widely used Pharmaceuticals, and the contraindications for use with herbs. Learn proper medical terminology to communicate with health care professionals and in educating clients.

1,000 hours. Certification and Diploma as Master Herbal Practitioner of Botanical Medicine.

Study of Western, Ayurvedic, and Chinese Herbal energetics.

Organic growth, sustainability, GMO concerns, legislation, ethics, and liability.

Case Studies and formulating healing solutions for 175 specific health conditions and diseases.

Four-month immersion in the Student Clinic, interacting with live case studies, formulating herbal and nutritional solutions for actual clients.

Align Herbal Delivery methods with client and disease; create formulas in numerous formats including teas, capsules, tinctures, oils, infusions, and many more.

Marketing, website creation, and business instruction in creating and launching a private practice.

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