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Detox Spice Mix

Why I Love This Recipe

Cumin and turmeric are powerful traditional Ayurvedic spices that help strengthen digestion and support removing toxins from the body. Fennel is a toner for the digestive system and provides a cooling influence for Pitta.

Coriander is a tri dosha spice (balancing to all 3 doshas) that supports a healthy response to allergens.

Combined with ghee or oil, these spices are a healthy mix that can be used in sautés, drizzled over vegetables, or added to grains.


  • 1-part turmeric

  • 2-parts ground cumin

  • 3-parts ground coriander

  • 4-parts ground fennel


  1. Mix these spices together in bulk and store in a jar.

  2. When you are cooking a meal, place a small amount of ghee in a frying pan and heat on medium.

  3. Add detoxifying spice mixture, measuring out one teaspoon of spice mixture per serving of vegetables.

  4. Saute spices until the aroma is released (but be careful not to burn).

  5. Add salt and black pepper to taste.

  6. Add steamed vegetables, mix lightly and saute together for one minute. Or you can saute the spice mixture in ghee and drizzle on vegetables or grains.

We all get out of balance from time to time and it's important to have effective remedies that are natural, to help get rid of toxins in our body. Detoxing is a great way to reset your body naturally.

Give your body what it craves, improve your overall health, restore balance and even shed a few pounds! Your organs will thank you because they need to be cleansed of the toxins that stack up in your body. In order for that to happen effectively, your liver needs to function properly to excrete them. Detox spices can aide in this process and make your dishes extra yummy!

Spice up your life and your dishes with Detox Spice Mix.

Be well & stay well!


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