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The Power of Intention

Intention may be defined as a mental state that represents a commitment to carrying out an action or actions in the future.

Having intention, or intent, requires mental activities such as planning and forethought to bring about the changes we want in life. Intention is an incredibly powerful force and a key factor (but not the only factor) used in the process of creation. Without clear intent, we would not know what to create. However, having intention can be our greatest asset or it can become our most challenging liability if we don’t understand where it comes from or how we are using it. Often, our subconscious minds contain blocks and obstacles which make it challenging for us to align with our highest and best possible good. This is why learning how to clear these subconscious saboteurs is an important first step in setting us upon a path of creation for the kind of life we want and feel we deserve.

Firstly, it is important to understand that there is a cosmic ocean of pure energetic potential that is available for us to tap into when we set our intent towards changing our lives. This universal flow of energy does not censor itself by assigning labels of “good” or “bad” to the quality of energy we access. It is an energetic force that, in its raw state, is neutral in nature and is available for all to use in whichever way harmonizes with his or her intentions. It is controlled by and is at the direct discretion of the person doing the creating. When we are happy and clearly aligned with our highest purpose, the frequency of our intent is pure and clean and helps us manifest that which brings us deep inner joy. Conversely, when we are unhappy, or driven by subconscious forces we don’t recognize are in control of our thoughts and actions, our lives suffer. From this place of inner discord, we run the risk of affecting our lives and those around us in disharmonious ways.

So how do we ensure that we are creating from a place of harmonious intention which is aligned with the energetic frequencies of our highest and best good?

This question may be answered by understanding that the success of our endeavors is only as effective as our harmonious internal state of being. The quality and strength of the circumstance being developed is in direct proportion to how emotionally, psychologically, and especially energetically balanced we can remain and how consistently the synergistic connection with the universal flow of potentiality is maintained. We must be sure of what we wish to create, stay focused on the intention, and remain balanced within for the duration of the creative process until the desired results begin to show up in our everyday lives.

Depending on the complexity of the thing being created, this may take days, weeks, months, or even years. Setting goals is an extremely helpful way to track how and when our creations show up in our daily lives. Setting goals is also an important way for us to stay in alignment with our work in a very real and concrete way. Another helpful tool to keep us aligned with our intent is to put together a vision board and post it somewhere we have access to look at every day. The idea is to keep our intentions strong and consistent towards the thing or circumstance we wish to make a reality. Without clear intent, the vast ocean of energetic potential will only be marginally accessed and the circumstances we create are inconsistent at best or lack a positive impact to affect lasting and positive change.

Secondly, the internal healing process of clearing away self-sabotaging subconscious discord is the greatest tool at our disposal which helps us connect our incredible powers of intention to the universe’s vast storehouse of energetic assistance. Until these subconscious programs are cleared away, we will never understand why we struggle to rise above negative circumstances in our lives. This is why it is so important for us to do internal healing work through our subconscious mind to undo negative past experiences.

The subconscious mind is a storehouse of habits and beliefs which are both positive (beneficial) and negative (detrimental) yet it remains ever the silent observer and 24/7 recorder of everything we hear, see, and experience throughout the course of our lives. It works by association and oftentimes we are unaware of how negative memories sabotage our current beliefs about our own capabilities and self-worth. Everything from what the mean bully made us feel on the playground that set us up to feel weak and powerless in later years, to the family dynamics from childhood that set us up to battle addictive behaviors as adults, or to the destructive ways we interact with our spouses or other loved ones. For example, if we grew up being told that “children should be seen and not heard,” we may never feel comfortable asking for a well-deserved raise at work. When our subconscious minds are loaded down with negative beliefs, we wonder why our best intentions for a better way of life is never achieved. This sets us up to have a mind that naturally goes to the negative no matter our best efforts. Unless we grew up in an environment surrounded by family members who consistently related to one another in a loving and supportive manner, our chances of possessing positive mental patterning is severely diminished.

Fortunately, once we remove subconscious blocks and obstacles from our psycho-emotional framework, we obtain clarity towards that which we desire to achieve. This clarity of purpose equips us then, to effectively tap into this universal energy which is a potent ingredient at our disposal and is forever available to provide us valuable assistance. Our clear and directed intent then begins to synergistically align us with this vast potential and helps to empower us as we pull from the flow of this vital source of energetic fuel.


We are not helpless to change our lives and begin the process of creating more beneficial ones. While it is true that some have had more difficult life circumstances to overcome than others, none of us is powerless to change. It is especially critical for us to clear away self-sabotaging subconscious thoughts and achieve emotional balance. Wisdom Center Technologies is designed to help facilitate access to our own internal healing wisdom. By utilizing the techniques in this healing system, we empower ourselves to clear out negative thoughts and beliefs which are embedded in all levels of our minds and which silently direct our behaviors in destructive ways. Once these harmful subconscious pressures are removed, we allow ourselves the great opportunity of synergistically aligning our awesome powers of intention with the universe’s storehouse of pure creative potential.

There is no greater gift to give yourself than that!


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