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Emotional Trauma Signs

What is Emotional Trauma?

Emotional trauma is the result of experiences and events that create an emotional imbalance. People experience deep feelings of helplessness, overwhelming stress, anxiety, nightmares and a deep sense of despair and hopelessness. There are many other symptoms of Emotional Trauma that can present themselves long after the event has passed and if left untreated Emotional Trauma can lead to PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). We can experience Emotional Trauma from a single traumatic event like an accident, or ongoing events such as physical, mental or emotional abuse. To define Emotional Trauma to the fullest we would need much more than a one page blog. This article is not intended to substitute for medical advise, we simply are here to offer helpful information to help determine if you or someone close to you is experiencing the effects of Emotional Trauma.

Emotional Trauma Signs

Know what to look for and how to start the process of Emotional Healing.

Suffering comes in many forms and can be difficult to identify to the untrained eye. Here are just a few signs you can look for in your life and in the lives of others, to help identify Emotional Trauma.

  1. Change in personality, doing things out of character or responding in a way that is not typical.

  2. Moody behavior, agitation, short temper, increased anxiety and irritability.

  3. Lack of self care, hygiene issues.

  4. Withdrawing from family, friends, social gatherings, activities, isolates from others, general lack of interest in participating in life.

  5. Depression, feelings of worthlessness, overwhelming hopelessness and dread.

  6. Self harm, self destructive behavior.

  7. Intrusive thoughts.

  8. Obsessive thoughts.

  9. Nightmares.

  10. Difficulties with concentration and focussing.

  11. Detachment, shame, guilt.

  12. Avoiding specific places that trigger event memory.

How to Heal From Emotional Trauma

Healing first starts within ourselves. We invite you to explore in-depth study of Emotional Trauma for personal transformation. Learn about the twin emotions of love and hate as they are realized to be the essence of all other emotions, within and between all human beings.

Gain a deeper understanding of what emotions are, how the Emotional Body works, and how Positive Emotions affect your overall health. We also cover Energy measurement to determine the strength of each of our positive emotions, as well as negative ones.

Dive deep into symptoms, causes (triggers), and genetics that surround Depression, Anger, Panic Attacks and Anxiety. Discover types of stress and analyze their role in human behavior and health.

Learn practical tools for de-stressing quickly and how to minimize daily stressors. We explore and learn the subjective experience of time for peace, happiness and greater efficiency in our lives.

We all have different response systems based on our experiences, environment and toolset. We offer self help, self paced, online classes, courses and workshops that will help you learn how to overcome Emotional Trauma through your Wisdom Center, guidance and preparatory techniques that are only taught at California Institute of the Healing Arts & Sciences.


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Learn self healing techniques to help yourself and others.

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