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Get Rid of PTSD

You Don't Have to Live With Post Traumatic Stress Disorder!

Dave had tried psychotherapy and many other treatments for years trying to get relief from the PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) symptoms from being in the Air Force many years ago. He tried several therapists, medications, and different ways of coping with his PTSD, but nothing was getting to the root or cause, nor did anything bring relief for very long. He came to the realization that his nightmares, loss of sleep, irritability, and the emotional roller coaster was going to be something he'd have to live with for the rest of his life. Nothing was working. . . he felt hopeless.

That's when his wife sprung into action. . . She was searching in all directions; different modalities, and systems of healing. However when she found a small ad in their town newspaper offering hypnotherapy services, she had a good feeling about it. Dave set up an appointment and although he had never experienced hypnotherapy before, he thought he would try it as a "last resort". Within 7-hypnotherapy sessions his PTSD was gone. He was so impressed with the results, (especially since he did not have to re-live the events, or the trauma,) he decided right then, to become a hypnotherapist himself.

Dave enrolled in the Clinical Hypnotherapist training course, has received his Certification and Diploma and is now in private practice utilizing the methods and techniques taught here exclusively at California Institute of the Healing Arts and Sciences. These proprietary techniques taught as career training are now available in self help format to the public. Discover Self Hypnosis and what it can do for you.

One of the main goals this graduate had for getting his certification as a Clinical Hypnotherapist was to help his fellow vets and others to overcome their PTSD, Chronic Pain, Weight Loss, Insomnia, Stress, Quit Smoking and other problems in their life. Read real stories of powerful results using techniques taught at California Institute of the Healing Arts & Sciences, Wisdom Center Technologies©.


All Natural Holistic Approach to Self Care

Learn self healing techniques to help yourself and others.

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